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Grid theory - a summary

The grid theory says what we call the universe and everything in it is wave phenomenon on a grainy, grid-like structure. This grainy, g...

The grid theory says what we call the universe and everything in it is wave phenomenon on a grainy, grid-like structure. This grainy, grid-like structure is what makes the space. The graininess and its structure are built up by identically the same grid particles, which are placing next to each other. The grid particles are vibrating in several, more than three degrees of freedom. The vibration occurs at extremely high frequency what frequency may be called Planck's frequency because it's a fundamental role. As the grid particles vibrate, this vibration affects the other, next placing grid particles, which effect can be defined and based on the grid field's coupling constant.

The vibrating grid particles, as they unsynchronized self-vibration turns to a synchronized vibration with the neighboring grid particles, create waves. This phenomenon may remotely resemble the waves on the water. The water molecules are vibrating at high frequency and randomly, but on this random motion still can create macroscopic waves by an effect of the wind. The synchronized vibration is the particle that we experience. The different synchronized vibration patterns in different degrees of freedom are the different particles and the different properties of them.

If the wave creates a closed-loop, then standing waveforms, which could exists stationery. The closed loops have spinor, 720-degree symmetry, as the wave must make two circles to restore the grid particles to its original orientation. The created closed loops' physical form may resemble the surface of the Möbius string, as the wave creates a loop on the grid field.

The synchronized wave travels through the grid field with speed defined by the grid field's coupling constant. The speed defined by the grid field's coupling constant is what we call the speed of light. If the wave creates a non-loop particle, then its speed is the speed of light, it can be experienced as light speed particle. Loop particles can move only less speed than the speed of non-loop particles. Otherwise, the loop could not be closed, and that speed is an unreachable limit for them.

The delay until a wave travels on a loop and creates a whole circle is a unit. This unit is what we may call the quantum of the time. Different loops may have different delays, according to the size of the loop, every type of loop particle has a different unit of time. Counting of these units is the time as it spends.

When a closed-loop particle travels on the grid field, then the wave on the loop must travel longer path on the grid field to close the loop. It is meant that the particle's own unit of time is longer as it goes faster. This is the basis of time dilatation by moving faster. Because the speed of the wave on the loop is the speed defined by the grid field's coupling constant, the speed of the light, the ratio between the delay to create a whole loop and the necessary path needed to be taken are the same at any speed of the moving particles. This is the cause, why every closed loop particle sees the speed of the light constant, and this is the reason why this speed is an unreachable maximum for them as well. Moreover, based on this behavior, the relativity of the time can be explained as well, because every loop "sees" its unit of the time is the unit of the time, and "lives" accordingly. The time spends differently to differently moving particles but spends the same for the same moving particles. In any case, they see their own time as real-time.

Time, as a real physical entity does not exist in the grid theory. In the grid theory, the time is not a unique dimension, like space, as it was described in the relativity theory. However, the length of the quantum of what we may call the time in the grid theory still connected to a space kind dimension, as the unit of the time is longer if a loop moves on the grid field. Because of longer space dimension, the longer path needed to be taken to close the loop.

This approach eliminates the general problems with the time, like travel into the past, if the time would be a dimension, but able to connects the time to a physical entity and dimension. See earlier thoughts about the time by using the label: Time.

The waves can travel through the grid field and collide with each other creating different patterns. This is the field of quantum mechanics and particle interactions.

In the classical-quantum theory, randomness is an essential property of the quantum world and creates fundamental uncertainty. In the classical-quantum theory, uncertainty is not an emerging property. In the grid theory, randomness is an emerging property, it emerges from the high-frequency vibration of the grid particles. The randomness on a vibrating grid field can be explained by considering what happens when we select values of two extremely high frequency vibrating systems by colliding them applying a much lower, ad-hoc frequency. The experienced values create random patterns if the two, different, vibrating systems are not synchronized. See earlier thoughts on this topic.

Several, but limited different synchronized vibration patterns can exist on the grid field. These patterns can be classified into various groups and create what is called the standard model of particle physics. The different patterns create all the possible particles of our world, even beyond the standard model.

Every synchronized pattern, which belongs to the same type, is the same pattern everywhere on the grid field. This is the reason why particles are the same, as for example, two electrons are the same everywhere in the universe.

The same particles are the same vibrating patterns and this way they are indistinguishable. Still, most likely, they are in different vibration phases as grid particles can vibrate at a much higher frequency than the frequencies of the particles' waves. This difference means many different possible phases. These different phases are the cause of the statistical laws in the particle interactions. For a particle interaction or particle decay to occur, necessary for the grid particles to be in the matching vibration phase to be able to change vibration patterns. Because they can be in different phases, matching phase characteristics occurs statistically. This can be the explanation of the statistical law of the particle interactions and decays.

As the grid particles' vibration becomes synchronized, they occupy less volume. This structural change creates what we call gravity. Considering, if the force, which keeps the grid particles in its location is much stronger then the force related to the energy contained in the synchronized vibrations, then the structural change of the grid field by the synchronized vibrations is small. This relation can explain the weakness of gravity and can explain the high vacuum energy.

The synchronized vibrations travel on the grid field following the densest grid path if no force is present. To move on a different path or different speed other than the grid field structure makes naturally allowed, must apply force. This is the source, the basis in the grid theory of what is called in the physics mass and inertia.

In this model, the characteristic of gravity is a natural consequence of the theory. The effects of what we call gravity are consequences of the grid field structural changes. The general relativity statements are natural consequences in the grid theory, as the gravity is not a force, it is a direction on the grid field, always pointing where the grid field is denser, and this way always looks attractive, cannot be repulsive.

As it can clearly see, the grid field act as the aether field, which is considered exists before the special relativity theory. The aether was considered existing at that time because it was thought, the electromagnetic waves need a medium to travel in. The special relativity theory made the aether, on where the light as a transverse wave travels unnecessary by postulating the speed of light as a constant value to an observer. This phenomenon of constant speed was explained in the special relativity theory by time and space dilation. However, neither the essence of the time nor space was laid down on theoretical bases.

In the general relativity theory, space was described as a structure created by the mass. However, the theoretical foundation what structure of it is missing as well.

In the grid theory, time and space can be explained as well as gravity, particle, and quantum effects. In the grid field theory, the grid field acts as the aether but in a specific way as it is not dragging what is in the aether, but creates a surface for waves, for our experienced universe to exist. Everything exists on the grid field but not in it, this way, the effect of dragging by the aether not occurs. Moreover, assuming this grid field to exist, the particles, the quantum effects, and the relativity theories can be described on a physically existing background, can be described in the same theoretical frame.

However, as in any other theories, even if the grid field theory can be proven right, still cannot explain its origin, the origin of the grid particles, and the grid field.

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