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Speculative physics: why E=mc2? The origin of the mass-energy equivalence.

Unquestionably, E=mc2 is the most famous equation of physics. It states the equivalence of mass and energy, it states that they are inter...

Unquestionably, E=mc2 is the most famous equation of physics. It states the equivalence of mass and energy, it states that they are interchangeable properties, even that these physical entities are convertible into each other. The appearances of these properties are very different, yet somehow they are correlated. Mass and energy can mean the same. How? Why?

First of all, where the E=mc2 equation came from originally? The correlation recognized in the special relativity theory. On the ground of the special relativity, the correlation can be obtained by straightforward considerations. Special relativity deals with unchanging movements and the maximum speed of nature and states conclusions about time and dimensions, and the theory's conclusion is the mass-energy equivalence too.

How, and why the special relativity, dealing with movement and speed, is correlated to the mass-energy equivalence? The correlation is deductible, hence, it looks evident. However, if we examine the thread of thoughts of the proof, we can see, E=mc2 only a deducted correlation from the recognized physical laws, the applied proof is not originated from a deeper root of the mass-energy relation. For a deeper understanding, the proof should come from a deeper physical reality, a deeper look to the physical existence. Special relativity is a deeper knowledge of the physical fundament of our world, yet it is still a description instead of an understanding of the physical reality. We gained new conclusions by the special relativity, but we did not acquire a deeper understanding of the fundament of nature.

Side note: The mass-energy equivalence has a broader view and relates the movement and the mass also. In this thought, the rest mass and energy correlation considered only, because it is a spectator independent quantity.

What is the origin of the mass-energy equivalence and what is the origin of the E=mc2 equation? The mass-energy correlation is a fact of nature. Can we understand it without the approach of the special relativity? Can we approach it from a deeper level of physical reality? By an approach, which is not made by deduction but by origination? The grid model can suggest the origin where this equivalence comes from, and it might suggest why it is the correlation.

According to the grid model (see: the label Grid model), our universe exists on a grid field, space itself consists of an ordered (solid) structure of Planck size particles. The structure is the grid field, and the particles are the grid particles. This solid structure is empty space. The grid particles' vibrations affect the structure. Our regular matter, the standard particles exist on this grid structure as waves, as manifestations of synchronized vibrations of the grid particles. In the grid model, the neighboring grid particles' high-frequency asynchronous vibrations can transform to synchronized vibrations, form local structured vibration patterns, waveforms. These waveforms eventually are the standard particles. These waveforms are what we empirically experience in the space; these are the things that exist for us. According to the grid model, the synchronously vibrating grid particles are closer to each other than those, where the vibrations are not synchronized. Thus, the synchronously vibrating grid particles distort the structure of the grid field, distort the space, and create the effect of gravity. Other forces and fields of the standard model are manifested by the patterns of the synchronous vibrations.

According to the grid model, the disturbance, the distortion of the grid field is our physical reality, the universe that we experience. The disturbance is created by the vibration of the grid particles. Distortion on the grid field is made by the synchronized vibration of a group of grid particles. Synchronized vibration created when asynchronously vibrating grid particles spontaneously turn themselves into synchronous vibration. Because synchronized vibration makes the grid particles be closer to each other, the synchronization distorts the grid field. Considering the binding energy between the grid particles, the distortion means an energy difference between the synchronized and asynchronous vibrating states. The consequence of the synchronization is a higher-energy state. The synchronization can be viewed as it consumes available free energy and converts it to localized energy.

Matter, the particles, the synchronous vibrations are standing waves, closed loops of waves on the grid field. Hence, particles are localized distortion of the grid field, localized energy storage on the grid field.

This is the meaning in that the matter is the storage of the energy in the grid model, and this is the origin, that the particles mean energy. The matter-energy relation comes naturally from the grid model. However, the mass-energy equivalence requires further consideration, because mass is a property of the matter.

The mass has two different forms, the inertial mass, and the gravitational mass. The two masses are the same experimentally, the general relativity theory built on this equivalence. The inertial and gravitational mass equivalence has a theoretical origin in the grid model, and this way enough to deal with one type of mass when we consider the grid model.

Matter, the particles are standing waves on the grid field. Standing waves, loops, create a distortion of the grid field. Standing waves are localized structures, but the created distortions are not localized on the grid field. Because of the bindings of the grid particles to each other, the distortion is present - even in less and less significance - farther away from its original source.  The standing waves, the particles, create a distortion gradient across the grid field. This is what we call gravity. The source of this effect is the standing wave, the particle, and its distortion ability, which we may call mass. The matter creates gravity and the source of gravity what is called gravitational mass.

Mass is an appearance of the energy. Energy and mass have the same origin in the grid model. The speculative grid model is able to originate from the mass-energy equivalence to a deeper level of physical reality.


The resting mass and the energy correlation have a specific mathematical form, E=mc2. The form derived from special relativity. The derivation built on mathematical transformations and not on theoretical considerations. What this specific form of correlation suggests theoretically? It might provide speculative proof of the grid model.

From here, we are even deeper in the speculative field. The following argument might be based on incidental coincidence only. However, the correlation might be real.

The form of E=mc2 is similar to the calculation of the area of a circle. Matching the values:
E corresponds to the area
m correspond to the pi
c corresponds to the radius of the circle

In the first view, the values are completely different. In a second view, they might be matched.

E and area
The standing wave, which represents a particle, is a loop. The loop can correspond to a circle.
The area of the loop, where the distortion happens, corresponds to the energy of the distortion. Distortion happens outside of the loop too, but because of the weakness of the gravity, the outside distortion of the grid field, the gravitational energy is a negligible addition to the particle's energy. Other properties of the distorted grid field (made by the synchronized vibration, like electrical charge fields) can be a considerable addition to the particle's energy.

m and pi
m corresponds to how strong the distortion of the grid field is. It is the metric of the distortion. By this consideration, m can correspond to pi, because pi represents the metric also, the metric of the flat plain.

c and r
c, the maximum speed, and r, the radius of the circle are the most difficult to match. However, there is a clue. Time is a descriptive property and not a fundamental quality in the grid model. If time as a physical entity does not exist, then speed actually can mean distance, and then c is related to length. The meaning of the correlation: to make a standing wave, to make a closed-loop to create a particle, the wave must make a distance, a circumference. The made distance is a length, and this length directly determines a property, the radius of the loop. C is the coupling constant of the grid particles, the transition of the effects on the grid field.

Side note: time, as a unique, independent entity does not exist in the grid model. The origin of our experienced time originated on the unit, the fulfilled event of the wave creating a loop, creating a physically existing particle. The relativity theory's time and space interrelation can be deducted from this model.

To make the mass-energy and the area of a circle equation related seems not impossible. The similar formality supports the grid model's approach to reality, supports the grid model's validity.

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