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Dictatorship - the most difficult obstacle to the development of the intelligent species

  An eternal warning to human societies   The current arrangements that run human society make the political profession , which is intended ...

 An eternal warning to human societies 

The current arrangements that run human society make the political profession, which is intended to govern society, counter-selective. Without the rigorous functioning of democratic institutions, which is difficult to maintain, intelligent insanes rise to positions of social leadership, using their power to achieve their irrational ambitions. If society allows the loss of control over its leaders, disaster is inevitable. 

Dictatorship is an impediment to human society, an obstacle to the intelligent species evolved, that is in principle easy to overcome, but in practice, it is permanently present. It is not environmental change, not economic problems, not technological progress that is the most difficult challenge for humankind. It is the governance of human society, and dictatorship is the greatest danger to humanity. 

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  1. The war in Ukraine will end when Putin loses power, and it will end in a way that Putin will be removed from power by his own people. This is inevitable. The later it happens, the worse for everyone.