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Logical approach to authoritarianism

Definition of the authoritarianism 1. favoring complete obedience or subjection to authority as opposed to individual fr...

Definition of the authoritarianism
1. favoring complete obedience or subjection to authority as opposed to individual freedom:
2. of or relating to a governmental or political system, principle, or practice in which individual freedom is held as completely subordinate to the power or authority of the state, centered either in one person or a small group that is not constitutionally accountable to the people.
3. exercising complete or almost complete control over the will of another or of others:

Impact on society
The authoritarianism suppresses, limits the effects, impacts, and influences of the societal groups on the whole society by restricting and limiting the information flow and information exchange between the individuals and groups in the society.  The authoritarianism artificially emphasizes the favoring information and artificially suppress non-favoring information and creates a biased communication marketplace.

How society works
How can groups make good decisions? TED talk
An effective society requires open, unrestricted information exchange between individuals and groups of society. The decision making needs to be bottom-up process by independently involving individuals and groups on all levels of the society, creating open debate and on-level consensus without artificially influencing it. In this process, good decisions do not even require the right initial assumptions. The debate itself help conclude to a good decision. Agreement by this process can create better decisions compared to decisions building on involvements individual or on partial society only. This process may create deeper societal involvement in fulfilling the agreement.

Authoritarianism is building on a limited debate and on a partially involving society, and the decision making does not follow a bottom-up process. In this way, authoritarianism necessarily creates less functioning, non-effective society. Authoritarianism evidently creates degradation in society by excluding parts of society from decision making. Authoritarianism necessarily creates a societal environment with less likelihood of creating good decisions for societal challenges.

A logical response to authoritarianism
Recognition of authoritarianism in the society should create automatic resistance and should start an evident transition process by the society toward a non-authoritarianist system regardless of the authoritarianism's successfulness. By deducting the conclusion of how the society and the authoritarianism works, it is logically evident that this process must take place even if the majority of the society benefiting from the authoritarianism.

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