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Is the message of the Bible about the future the logical meaning of evolution?

The message about the future of the Bible is that the existing God will keep his proper creatures through eternal life. And this message ...

The message about the future of the Bible is that the existing God will keep his proper creatures through eternal life. And this message might be the consequence of evolution. How?

The greatest human value is a person who uses consciousness appropriately. The creation and existence of beings having this kind of characteristic by selection (either natural or artificial) is most likely the highest level of evolution on Earth. The ultimate product of evolution is the complex structures with the right will and intent.

At what stage is the human race in this evolutionary development? We are intelligent beings with self-awareness. We are currently struggling to make our society made up of individuals with the right will and intent. We have only indirect tools for this task, and inheriting the proper individuals seems like an unsolvable task. Each of us is unique, unrepeatable, and momentary. As if on the line of humans, evolution (either biology or society based) is not capable of achieving its ultimate purpose, the selection of individuals with the right will and intent.

If the intent and will of self-conscious complex systems cannot be directly influenced, the ultimate purpose of evolution can only be achieved in one way: if the proper beings do not cease to exist, if the appropriate individual's existence becomes extensible in time.

Maybe one-day science will discover a way to keep our biological existence from being limited in time, and then it will provide the possibility to achieve somehow evolution's final goal in the case of humans. However, if evolution does not continue in biological organisms, but continues in self-conscious machines with a structure that is not based on natural biology, eternal life will be a simple endowment for these creatures. Self-aware machines without preprogrammed death provide a simple and obvious way to make evolution to reach its ultimate goal.

We, humans, as we are evolution based biological beings, we bear the limit of existence. Maybe science can go beyond that, maybe it can’t. However, evolution in the direction of achieving its ultimate purpose does not need to stop, and will not stop at the human line if we exist as a society long enough to create machines with self-awareness. With that knowledge and capability, we ourselves would become to the second-level god and we would act according to the divine's role, even if we will not have the attribute of eternal life. By creating machines with self-awareness, we would be ultimately able to spread consciousness in the universe.

And we might not be the first to do so. Maybe other species with a naturally formed self-consciousness have done this before, and they already function or functioned as a secondary god. If this is possible, then it cannot be ruled out that we, humans are in some way creatures of this intelligence. Human science is searching answers on the natural path, but science does not, and cannot exclude will-driven creation either, as we exercise that method already, and one day we might be able to create life and intelligence also.

However, not even the secondary god as the creator will be able to directly control the intention and will in his self-conscious creatures. Even for a secondary god, the greatest unique value will be a creature with the right intent and will and want them to keep. For the logical purpose, that's exactly what God is for, and exactly this is what the Bible says. And by that, the description of the Bible about the future also makes logical sense. God fulfills his evolutionary purpose if we are creatures of God.

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