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Why are we the ones, who discover the universe?

We are special. We are the chosen. We are destined to know. We are the specie, which looks like, are able to recognize and are able to un...

We are special. We are the chosen. We are destined to know. We are the specie, which looks like, are able to recognize and are able to understand anything and everything that exists. We are capable even more. We are capable of creating new things, that never existed before. We are creators. Are we chosen, the destined to know, or our abilities are just a product of evolution? Let's see what capabilities we have, and how special are these. What are the capabilities that put us in our place?

We possess several abilities, which we necessary to have to place us into this unique state. However, yet hard to find those, which are unique, which are cannot be found in other species.

We are conscious. It is maybe the most essential function of our brain, which places us of the possession to know. We still do not understand how consciousness emerges, but little doubt, that consciousness is not our unique property. Other animals show conscious, even self-conscious behavior. Consciousness itself is necessary but not satisfactory property to place us into our unique position.

We are curious. Undoubtedly, curiosity is an ability, which is necessary to acquire knowledge. We are not alone with that ability either. Curiosity is like an instinct. It is required to survive, required to find food, even necessary to escape from predators. We are not alone with the curiosity, even if we use it least instinctively, and most consciously. Curiosity is not our distinctive feature that made us have knowledge.

Our brain is capable to discover connections between events that we experience. We can utilize logic in our thinking. Surely, we are the best to use logic in the animal kingdom, yet to find a logical connection between events is not our unique property either. Experiments show that there are animals, who are able to use logic in problem-solving. Developed brains have a built-in function to find connections. It provides the plasticity to the brain; it gives the flexibility to the connections of the neurons. Our brain is the most developed brain in the animal kingdom, yet, discovering relationships is our elaborated but not unique property.

We are capable to learn. This function is necessary to acquire knowledge, however, like discovering connections, even if it is highly developed in our case, as many experiments show, not unique.

We are capable of transferring information. It is the ability of the language, which means not just the spoken language. We are quite developed in language. Spoken language ability maybe even became an instinct of us. Our abstract, conceptual language is quite unique in the animal world, yet, language and speech as a method of information transfer can be seen at other species too.

We are capable of teaching. That is an important, necessary, and complex behavior, which make us acquire knowledge. Without it, we would not be able to transfer knowledge to other members of society. Without it, only the evolutionary method would be capable to collect record and transfer information between the individuals. However, the evolutionary process is slow and built on randomness. Direct information transfer between individuals is absolutely necessary to acquire knowledge without starting the discovery from scratch every time in every lifetime. Even if teaching is a highly complex behavior, yet we are not unique in that either. Social animals with highly developed brains are capable of teaching too, even without the spoken language.

Only our more advanced, more elaborated functions made us of possessing the knowledge of the universe, instead of our uniqueness in something? Maybe. Quantity can cause new quality. It looks like our conceptual language is our only unique ability, which made us know the universe. Language is undoubtedly an absolute necessity to describe highly complex systems, like the universe, is. Yet, there is another unique ability, which without we could not be in our place.

We developed an asynchronous information transfer. It is the function to preserve complex knowledge, to transfer it. We have writing. This is our unmatched, maybe the most unique ability, which distinguishes us from the animal world. This capability is a complex behavior, with many underlying properties and skills, yet it is clear, that it is the special one, what made us, who we are.

Is writing a random discovery of our species, like the wheel? Or is it an unavoidable and direct consequence of the development of our personal and social evolution? Or did God gave us the writing? Is writing a given tool, which makes us who we are, and ultimately to discover the universe, and within it, God?

We are special. Are we destined to know? We acquired the ability to know, and we are gaining more and more knowledge. Moreover, we use our knowledge to create. Now we just need to leave our ancestry behind to fulfill our mission, because our only second choice is to leave and forget everything.

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