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If God exists, how would he send a message to us? How would he send a message not revealing himself, without showing himself physically?...

If God exists, how would he send a message to us? How would he send a message not revealing himself, without showing himself physically? His physical appearance would undoubtedly be difficult to handle in the society. According to the Bible, God is careful not to appear directly in front of the man. How can God send a message to a human?

If the creator God exists, he certainly has a message for us, for the human-created for his image. Even the statement in the Bible that human is formed according to God's image is a divine message. The Bible, if it is written with the help of God, is filled with the messages of God.

Many other religions have written divine revelations. These writings, even if they contain the divine message to us, are not suitable for sending precise information. The texts have changed many ways during copying, as we can see in the Bible's case. Moreover, different readers can interpret texts differently. This kind of message recorded by the human is capable of sustaining the concept of the existing God, but unable to transmit a precise message to us.

God can send us messages in many other indirect ways. Theist people are convinced that these messages exist. However, these revelations are incoherent, subjective, and unclear. If God wants to send a message in such an unclear way, it may also have a reason for that, as it was discussed in earlier thought.

God, if he exists, could send us direct revelations. However, he does not do that. There are several reasons for this: wanting to keep the free will of the human in his decision, not wanting to disturb the development of the society, or according to his decision, as it is not the time for direct revelation.

How would it be possible for the creator God to send his intelligent creature a precise, concrete message without his physical being actually manifested? How to create a message
- which only becomes known to the reader when the corresponding society has come to the level of maturity that can handle God's existence,
- which is precisely and undoubtedly recognizable,
- which can be evidence of its presence in the beginning, at the creation,
- which can remain unchanged since the existence of the message,
- and which is suitable for displaying complex information.

How would God send a message to us with the above conditions? Obviously, these conditions do not correspond to any of the things that have been related to religion so far. However, God has at least two possibilities to send a message corresponding to the above conditions:

Message in the natural laws
Natural laws of our universe have been with us since the universe was created and are valid everywhere. They form a profound and complex set of rules with specific physical constants. We already know that if our natural laws were just a little bit different, we would have a different universe. This recognition is not the message yet, nor is it capable of being a proof of God's existence. The assumption of the multiverse is an adequate natural explanation of our experience. Natural laws, however, form a suitable system for carrying messages. In this sense, the message is a piece of information that can be read by the carrier system, but it is not a necessary part of the structure or operation of the carrier system. Natural laws, according to our present knowledge, contain such information, as they may provide many such unidentified contexts. Is there a message of God for us or is it only the result of a natural nexus not yet known? Or maybe is it only an accidental correlation or value without an extra message?

Message in the code of life
We know that every living thing on the Earth is a precisely organized biochemical structure whose design is in the living being's DNA or sometimes in the RNA. The blueprint itself is not a message of God, it is not even the proof of God's existence. Life could be developed by natural conditions. We also know this theory, the theory of evolution, and we know more and more about this process, about the DNA and genes. We do not just know the basic functions of the system, but we are also starting to affect it for our own goals. Although evolution continually modifies the code of the living systems, the sequence of the DNA, still, many parts of the code have been present at the beginning of life and have practically not changed since then. The code of life forms a suitable system to carry a message. The message in this system may also contain information that can be read by the carrier system but is not a necessary part of the structure or operation of the carrier system. The code of life, the DNA, according to our current knowledge, contains such information.

These systems would be appropriate structures for communicating the divine message. As our knowledge grows, we may understand how these features, of which functions we do not understand today, fit into the system. However, it may not be that way, and it will remain on the "who ordered this" level. Moreover, we may even find new, similar, yet unrecognized characteristics.

Does the natural law or the DNA contain extra information? Is it God's revelation? Can we decipher it? If God exists and would want to communicate with us, we can search his message in these systems because these structures meet the requirements set out above. And reversely, if we could find extra messages in these systems, it would be a convincing recognition of God's existence.

Are there similar systems in nature in what God can send a message to us? If God exists.

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