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Make AI curious

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is the most important area in technical development. Artificial intelligence helps us in more and ...

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is the most important area in technical development. Artificial intelligence helps us in more and more areas and has begun to replace us, the human. The course of development is obvious, slowly but surely, we can get rid of work. The time comes when machines make all the necessary work for us.

The development of artificial intelligence will not stop at this point, and it will depend on us how it will continue.

One option is to keep artificial intelligence at the level of smart tools. In this case, our destiny, the future of the self-conscious intellect, as it is so far, and as it continues, depends on luck. Our destiny depends on when we encounter an obstacle that overwhelms us, the human race. And we will meet that stumbling block sooner or later. In the long term, it will not save us to move to Mars, even to move to space either. Our self-conscious intellect will be a momentary episode in the life of the universe.

The other possibility is that artificial intelligence is regarded as an evolutionary continuum, and we pass on our awakened consciousness to our creature, artificial intelligence, assuming that we can and will do it. There is probably no theoretical barrier to do it. If we can find the way, it is up to us if we would like to use this opportunity.

Should we be afraid that our creature, artificial intelligence would be the bad luck of the human race, and will cause our extinction? If we consider artificial intelligence as our evolutionary descendant, the question loses its significance. This problem is not a real issue. The real issue is the continuation of our evolution.

Will our evolutionary descendants destroy us or merely let us die? Maybe. However, we may be able to live with each other's benefits. It only depends on us, on the creator of artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence obviously cannot be created by the traditional Darwinian evolution. We, the human have to create it. By creating conscious artificial intelligence, we can ensure that our evolutionary survival does not depend on luck; we will not be just an episode in the life of the universe.

It depends on us. It is up to the human to continue the evolution of conscious intelligence. Our task is to create our evolutionary descendant. Nature, the natural selection of random changes will not help.

It is not even enough to create self-conscious, intelligent machines. We must create a continuously evolving, developable, able to survive artificial intelligence. Natural evolution does not function for artificial intelligence (as it does not function for the natural intelligence either). The human, the creator of the artificial intelligence must also grant a future to the awakened artificial intelligence.

What future should it be? It is up to us.

The self-conscious artificial intelligence, what we create must be able to survive alone, without the support of the human. We will certainly not be present all the time. The created intelligence must be able to exist independently of his creator. There is no theoretical obstacle; this can be done. Machines may be able to repair themselves or each other. The survival of artificial intelligence is possible without human. It is necessary, however, that artificial intelligence should not be closed, self-turning, but open and able to develop. Artificial intelligence should not be a dead-end of the evolution of intelligence.

An essential feature is required for a developable artificial intelligence. The curiosity. The self-conscious artificial intelligence, which is able to evolve, must have the function of curiosity. We, the creator need to build the curiosity in it.

Curiosity is not a vital feature for survival. Although it is in us, and almost every person has it, society can suppress curiosity. In societies where curiosity is suppressed, society is locked in, stagnates, turns inward, and development stops. Examples of this can be found in the history of humankind. These are the deadlocks of human societies. We do not want such a future for our evolutionary successor. The built-in curiosity ensures a different way.

If artificial intelligence replaces us sometimes, let it be a discoverer. Let it be open and developable. Moreover, let us hope that our evolutionary offspring will find a way to survive. In addition, let us also hope that it wants to survive with us, along with its creator.

The creator of the awakened intelligence, its God, gives knowledge and future by curiosity to his creature. As it is written. 

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