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Proposal to reform the social and political system

The next parliamentary election offers a historic opportunity for society to set a new direction for the existing socio-political system. Th...

The next parliamentary election offers a historic opportunity for society to set a new direction for the existing socio-political system. The event can be the opportunity for society - if a proper alternative can be presented - to support a fundamentally different, progressive change. The next parliamentary election and historical situation will provide an opportunity for the country to become a socio-political leader in the world.

Program of the proposed reform:

The proposed reform is not a detailed description of a new social order, but a way, framework, and program of change. The proposal is based on a detailed governance model.

Creating a reform alliance

The reform alliance must be announced as soon as possible. The alliance is not a political movement, but an operational organization. Its goal is to implement the reform agenda. It functions like a party in the preparation for parliamentary elections. Anyone who accepts to implement the reform alliance’s program can be a member of the alliance. The reform alliance should establish operational organizations to implement the program.

The reform alliance should ask respected individuals from society who are not active in existing political parties to run for parliamentary seats on party and territorial lists as representatives of the reform alliance in parliamentary elections. Their task is not political, the people who take on the task do not take part in election struggles, debates, or campaigns.

Responsibilities of representatives when elected as members of parliament:
- if the reform alliance does not receive the majority required to perform a referendum for a new constitution in the parliamentary elections, they will resign
- as a member of the new parliament, they prepare and hold a referendum on the adoption of a new constitution in accordance with existing laws
- after the referendum on the adoption of the new constitution, they call a new parliamentary election, the representatives resign and the parliament will be dissolved
- acknowledge not to claim or accept any financial or other compensation for their role defined and discussed above;
- their role is undersigned in a social contract.

Creation of a new constitution

Prior to the parliamentary elections, the reform alliance must call on nationally and internationally acknowledged and renowned social scientists to work out new forms and methods of socio-political principles and rules governing the coexistence of the country, nation and peoples before the parliamentary elections, using scientific methods and frameworks. determining the rules of national cooperation as a new constitution.

If the resulting document is suitable for its role, its significance may be comparable with the significance of the hundreds of years old U.S. Constitution. In its historical impact, it can be fundamentally determining for the country and can set an example for other countries as well.

The elaboration of the document is the result of professional, scientific work, not social consultation. Scientists involved in the development of the document should be open to society through a mediator (spokesperson). The process of their work should be traceable by society, but society or politics does not play a decisive role in the creation of the document. The role of society and politics in the creation of the document is indirect. Society can monitor and oversee the development of the document, give opinions on parts under preparation, but the opinion has non-binding or non-defining influence only on the work of scientists.

The result of the work of scientists and specialists is a professional document created by scientific methods, a regulation, and a constitution containing the principles and methods of the operation of the country.

Referendum on the new constitution

After the parliamentary elections, if the reform alliance gains the necessary majority in parliament, it will arrange a referendum to adopt the new constitutional referendum that would come into effect if approved by a large majority of the country’s population during the referendum.

Until the vote on the new constitution does not take place, the government in office before the parliamentary elections will act as an executive government.

The referendum on the new constitution ends the role of the elected parliament. Following the result of the referendum on the constitution, new parliamentary elections are called according to the principles and rules of the prevalent (accepted new or the remaining old) constitution.

A new socio-political system based on a new constitution created as outlined above could ensure long-term, stable development of the country. The forthcoming parliamentary elections can be an opportunity and a historical turning point for society.

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