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A new class of life: society

According to Wikipedia , no consensus regarding the definition of life, but a widely accepted descriptor of life is that living organisms...

According to Wikipedia, no consensus regarding the definition of life, but a widely accepted descriptor of life is that living organisms are
- open systems
- that maintain homeostasis,
- are composed of cells,
- have a life cycle,
- undergo metabolism,
- can grow,
- adapt to their environment,
- respond to stimuli,
- reproduce
- and evolve.
If a system shows these properties, we can safely state, the system is alive.

Based on this description, every society built from living beings can be considered as a living system, should be classified as a lifeform, and should be viewed as a living being, and all the scientific characterizations need to be applied, which applied to other living creatures. Society is a new class of life.

This approach is especially true for human society. Human society is at the highest level of this kind of lifeform. The human societies are
- open systems, as they exchange matter and energy with the environment
- that maintain homeostasis, as the human society has the tendency to maintain equilibrium between the people
- are composed of cells, as the society built from human individuals
- have a life cycle, as every human society has a starting point when it is established by individuals, can have a healthy period with stable homeostasis, and can have a non-predetermined degradation, if the equilibrium is broken with the end of decomposition
- undergo metabolism, as human societies consume resources from the environment and create unusable waste products
- can grow, as the human population can naturally grow
- adapt to their environment, as human societies are able to extend to different life space
- respond to stimuli, as human societies can produce effects according to the change of the environment, to maintain homeostasis
- reproduce, as separated individual groups can establish new societies
- and evolve, as human societies continuously undergo changes based on collected, stored, and exploited information.

The human society is on the highest level on this class of lifeforms, as it is the most flexible, most sustainable, and most evolve-able system. Human society even can evolve into new species, as its evolution can continue to non-biological forms.

The human society must be considered as a living being, a lifeform, with all the consequences and aftermath of this statement.

An intelligence-based society, like the human, as a lifeform can quickly evolve and can spread to a wide variety of the environment. The universe's destiny is that it becomes populated with and tamed by the life of the societies and intelligence.

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