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Reform of the democracy

 Classical, today's democracy does not work well, need and should be adjusted. Where can be seen the problem with democracy? It is of...

 Classical, today's democracy does not work well, need and should be adjusted. Where can be seen the problem with democracy? It is often lead to or even produce autocracy. Most dictatorships originated from democracy.

The other problem with classical democracy is the hard, painful, and long process to fix mistakes. The traditional democracy can cure itself, even this is the only today's community system that can fix mistakes created by itself. However, this fixing process is difficult and sometimes painful, and in the last case war in the mechanism for the curing process.

Because of these drawbacks of classical democracy, the development of the community is slower than it could and even can create cyclical processes.

What are the problems with the classical democracy?

The majority choice and decision do not guarantee the best, not even the right thing. Why? Because the members of the society do not have the same and all of the information, what a good decision or choice requires, and the members of the community do not have the same cognitive capabilities to process the available information.

People easily can be manipulated and forced to make bad choices. This nature of today's democracy is a playground for today's politicians by giving selected information (which are not necessarily true) to the public and manipulating emotions instead of standing on rationality when asking majority decisions.

The other problem is how the possible community leaders are nominated. Today's democracy is based practically on self-nomination, even if it is not necessarily mean individual but group nomination. Because of that, today's nominees are virtually always based on self-interest instead of suitability. However, a community leader task is not self-interest based but community interests based. Because of this, community leaders mostly represent self, special or minority interest instead of general and majority interest. This has come from the human species genealogy, but this does not necessarily serve today's community benefit.

In today's democratic selection system, populists can gain ground quickly; with manipulative methods, dictators can get power.

How a reformed democracy should operate? The reformed democracy should fix these two major drawbacks keeping the foundation of the classical democracy, which are everybody equal and can have the same opportunity, and everybody can be a selector and can be selected.

In a reformed democracy, people's majority choices may not appoint high-level leaders, and leader selection should be based on denotation instead of self-nomination.

How this reformed democracy should work?

This system requires a nomination committee. The task of this nomination committee is to select and may call back high-level community leaders, and may give advice to community leaders if it is asked for.

The members of the nomination committee must keep former everyday occupation.  To be a member of the nomination committee is not an occupation but a community position and as it is, does not provide any salary or any other benefit of any type.

Who can be a member of this nomination committee? Anybody. Who selects the members of the nomination committee? Everybody. The people should vote for the members of the appointment committee.

How the selection of a member of the nomination committee should take place? The member of the nomination committee is a valued member of the society based on his or her past and present life. Anybody can nominate oneself or anybody can be nominated to be a member of the nomination committee, but most get a majority vote from the people.

No voting campaign comes with this system. Those who want to be a member of the nominating committee only need to submit a kind of resume of the past and present life and be able to convince the people in this way he or she would be a good choice. No need to provide reasons why interested about the position and no need to actively convince the people why this person is a good option. The people must be convinced by the past and present life and not future promises.

The nominating committee may recommend but not select the appointees of the committee.

This process is similar to the parliamentary system; however, there are major differences. This nomination committee is only to select high-level community leaders and not creates rules and laws. The nomination committee members must keep the previous occupation and continue regular life because the committee membership is not an occupation and does not come with a salary or any other benefit. Moreover, they must maintain the values, which was the base of their selections.
How long can the members of the nomination committee keep their membership? Until the member resigns, or the majority of the nomination committee or the majority of the people call this member back. So no automatic time limit of the membership, but it must be a periodic affirmation even for the existing members as well. The membership is earned and must be continuously deserved. This way not necessary to have time limits.

A periodical majority vote of the people is necessary to reinforce the current membership of the nomination committee.

This committee's task is to appoint and call back high-level community leaders.

In this system, the community leaders are selected without the necessity or even the direct possibility of the people. The nomination committee can select anyone to be a community leader, it is their job based on their wisdom to find a suitable person to lead the community. Mutually, the community leader is not a forced position, must be accepted by the preferred candidate.

High-level community leaders can keep their positions without an automatic time limit until they resign or called back by the nomination committee. However, these leaders can operate and make decisions without continuous approval by the committee. The community leaders' decisions may not reduce, modify, alter or any way affect how the nomination committee works, and mutually the nomination committee appoints and call back community leaders but not operatively interfere with how they work and what decisions they make.

This system may fix the problems of today's democracy and create a quickly developing society.

Most of the current community leaders maybe are not interested in this kind of reform of the community system because it would come to lose power however the change of today's democratic system is evident and necessary.

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