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Why we do not see the aliens?

Why can't we see the aliens, those who are able to make contact with the Earth, which have the knowledge that is needed to make conta...

Why can't we see the aliens, those who are able to make contact with the Earth, which have the knowledge that is needed to make contact from light-years distances?

The simple answer to this question is because they do not exist. But the historical records, mythology, and the Bible have many records that may indicate differently. Why don't we see the aliens now, if they really do exist? The only response would be because they do not want to communicate with us right now.

If they contacted us previously, why do they not want to contact us now? There are significant differences today from the earlier days when they might have appeared. At that time, humankind saw them as divine beings; they possessed such knowledge that at that time the humans were unable to comprehend. Maybe the flow of information was crucial. At that time, the more developed alien intellect could regulate how much information they should transfer to us. The appearance of the aliens from the past did not cause an effect on humans, which would endanger their more primitive society and civilization. Simply, the more primitive society saw the unexplainable as a miracle.

The situation today is significantly different. Today, we have more knowledge about the world. Today, we would recognize the alien as an alien intelligence instead of a divine being. The flow of information would be more forced by us, meaning we would want them to transfer more information to us rather than accepting only the information that they want to give us.  Their appearance would cause a significant impact on the less advanced civilization (the humans), especially if the level of development were significantly different.

It is likely, that the appearance of an alien civilization would only be possible if the lower level civilization would not recognize the higher level as an alien civilization, but rather as a deity-like it happened in the past. The real connection can only take place if the development of the two civilizations does not have significant differences. We probably have to wait to be contacted until we reach the level of development they require. Certainly, the required level of development means not only technical skills but other societal developments too.

Maybe we are still very far from a real connection.

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